Missions in the USA

Missions in the United States? Yes! Our Christian brothers and sisters around the world are praying for us because they are watching our country following the path of Western Europe—once a center of Christian faith and missionary efforts—in obedience to the direct commands of Jesus. Now many European churches are empty edifices or have been turned into museums.

In the United States, there are still a large number of Christians who are walking with Jesus and making a difference as He lives through them—but, we are seeing increasing numbers of people that either do not know basic Christian truths or that have chosen to reject it and make up their own worldview rather than the one revealed to us by our Creator God.

That means one thing—the United States needs to both see and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ—or we will continue to see this country marginalized.

Usher International is committed to facilitating missions both here and around the world—where ever God opens the doors and provides the resources to make it happen.

Whether it’s ministering to the addicted, the prisoners, the homeless, the business person, the international student, young mothers, the elderly—any person who needs to find the hope of Jesus—we want to mobilize people to reach out and bring the love of Christ to them, in word and in deed.

Won’t you plan to join us?

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