Bringing the Good News to the nations

Usher International is a ministry dedicated to ‘Usher In’ the kingdom of Christ here at home and around the world. Matthew 24:14 says that this Gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed in every nation, as a testimony to them – and then the end will come. Our team is doing our part to make that happen.

The end Jesus spoke about is really the end of this age and the beginning of the age to come where He reigns over heaven and earth. We are here to make Him known and to live out a life of love and grace in the middle of a hurting and lost generation.

Our focus is working closely with like-minded Christian ministries and together to:

  • Proclaim the ‘good news’ of salvation through the King – Jesus Christ.
  • Equip Christian leaders – many who have had little Biblical training
  • Serve the poor, the orphans, widows, prisoners, the sick and abused.

We believe that every person is valuable to God and that we have the responsibility and the honor of sharing the good news of God’s kingdom and the path to eternal life through Christ with each person. As we go, we look for ways to show His love and compassion to those in need as well.

This ministry cannot happen without God’s approval and provision. It also is dependent upon a team of ministry partners who want to be part of what the Lord is doing in the world and who will join us in prayer, financial support, volunteering, and going with us to make an extraordinary difference for the kingdom of God.

On previous trips to Africa, Haiti and India – we have witnessed more than 100,000 people hear the Gospel and many thousands call on the Lord for salvation. The fields are truly ready for harvest and it is time to go and reap what God has prepared.

Won’t you join us?