Missions around the world

In the wake of decades of civil wars, rebel activity, and genocide has left the people of many countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia looking for rest and hoping that a safe and peaceful life can be theirs someday.

The message of a Savior who understands their suffering and who has come to provide an eternal solution has found receptive hearts hungry for the truth of God and a personal relationship with His Son—the Messiah—our Lord and Savior.

Usher In Ministries is continuing to work in Uganda, Kenya, and other countries around the world where we are invited to collaborate and make Christ known. We minister in local Churches, equip Church leaders with Biblical training, provide Bibles in the local language when possible, and always serve the destitute, orphans, widows, and prisoners.

We will also, as the Lord supplies, help to start new Churches and use every means available to get the good news of eternal life in Christ out to those in the schools, hospitals, prisons, the marketplace, and anywhere people are gathered together. Planting new Churches—developing strong Biblical Pastors and filling their Churches with many new Jesus followers—that is a work we can get behind!

Won’t you join us on a mission that will change your life?


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