Usher In Ministries was formed as the result of  4 years of ministry in Uganda reaching tens of thousands of people with the Good News of Jesus, in partnership with like-minded Christian ministries.  Seeing such a great need and an exciting openness to the Lord,  Randy Howarth  began the process of becoming a licensed non-profit organization in the state of Oregon  and applying for Federal 501 c 3 status which was granted in 2011.

Usher In Ministries has been able to minister in South Sudan, Kenya, 11 times in Uganda, Haiti, India and has also ministered in Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Tanzania.

Usher In Ministries has focused on sharing the Gospel in large festivals and one on one in hospitals, prisons, Churches, schools, universities, refugee camps, and in the market places.

As we go, we make a point of helping those in deep poverty with gifts of food, clothing, medical supplies and other gifts.

Our children’s festivals have brought joy and the Good News to many hundreds of children.

We also have joined with our partners, in-country and from the U.S, to hold Pastor’s conferences to encourage and to provide training for those hungry to grow in their knowledge of the Lord and His Word.

We would love to have you join us on this wonderful adventure of serving the King of Kings!

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