How to Know Christ as Your Savior

Now - because of what Jesus has done for us - everyone who humbly calls on His name for forgiveness and follows Him will receive the free gift of forgiveness and eternal life from our gracious God.

Those who continue to choose their own path and reject His goodness do not have forgiveness and will one day face the wrath of God for their ungratefulness.

Those that do receive Jesus Christ as their Savior are saved completely and one day - when Jesus returns from Heaven - as He promised - He will restore this broken world into the magnificent creation He originally intended.

In the meantime, we can have a personal relationship with the living God through the Lord Jesus. He comes to live in us through His Spirit and will give us the ability to overcome the trials of this world until He returns. He gives us power over temptation and works inside us to change us into His likeness as we trust Him by faith each day and rely on the promises in His Word - the Holy Bible.

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