Mission Report - Uganda, September 2012

God has done amazing things in Uganda and in our lives as we have served together this month for His Glory and the expansion of the Kingdom of God! Space will not allow me to share all the stories of impacted lives and stories of healing and hope brought to those in need, but I'll just try to give you some highlights to encourage you to continue your involvement with Usher In's world outreach ministry and to trust Him to use you in a greater way, right where you live.

Our team spent a week reaching out to Kihihi Uganda -- a remote town in southwestern Uganda, very close to the Congo border and not far from Rwanda. Our friend, Pastor Elisha Kakwerere from Rukungiri has been praying for a number of years for a new Church to be established in this area. In 2010, a few of us taught at a two day's Pastor's conference here which encouraged hundreds of local Christian leaders. 2012 was the year for fulfillment of the vision for Kihihi.

We visited many schools, a prison, police station, hospital, Congo refugee transfer depot, and went door to door in the business area--- celebrating the goodness of Christ through music, drama and sharing the Gospel -- or 'Good News' of how each person could come into a personal relationship with the living God and find forgiveness and eternal life in His Son Jesus.

In one week in Kihihi, our combined team of Americans and Ugandans shared the Gospel with over 3,800 people and 1,500 made personal decisions to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. This was in addition to the first week in Budo where 1,800 heard about Jesus and 673 invited Christ into their lives. It was just phenomenal! The staff of the hotel we stayed at the last three nights in Kihihi was watching our excitement and passion for Jesus and four of them asked if they could join us in our group prayer and wanted to receive Jesus as their Savior too!

The final day in Kihihi we held a community 'children's outreach' at the new church property. There were hundreds of local kids there sitting under the shade of the tents and enjoying activities like singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and other fun activities. Everyone received snacks and a drink plus colorful Gospel booklets to share with their families and friends.

Later in the day we had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Church building that was only about two weeks old. As we moved our chairs inside to celebrate together, the place was overflowing with both people and joy in the Holy Spirit. Many people who had received Christ during the week joined us in the celebration! The once vacant, overgrown lot was now a Church. It used to be well known by the police as a place where hooligans hung out and was often a place where fights and even rapes occurred. Now, by God's Grace -- a lighthouse for the community exists there -- a place of joy, of worship, of repentance and new life.

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